Music. Day 1. - Evelyn Evelyn

A hard-on doesn't count as personal growth
Ну, смысл ясен из названия - либо открыть для себя 100 новых исполнителей, просвящаясь и самообразовываясь, либо рассказывать о своем любимом, просвещая ПЧей)
Я уверен, что вы и без меня все это слышали. Это раз.
Я странен в выборе музыки и не имею определенного любимого жанра, соседство дез-метала и менестрельских песенок - это нормально)
Начнем, пожалуй)

Исполнитель: Evelyn Evelyn
Жанр: Рука не поднимается назвать это панк-кабаре, но тем не менее. Полуакустическая сказка с клевыми текстами песен.

I fuckin` love it!
Совместный проект Аманды Палмер (Amanda Palmer) (прекрасной и безумной женщины, вокалистки Dresden Dolls и жены Нила Геймана в нагрузку) и Джейсона Вебли (Jasson Webley)(панк-аккордеонист, что уже круто звучит, что бы он там не делал). История сиамских близняшек Эвелин и Эвелин, реально прям история. Сюрреалистичная, но интересная. Как сказка на ночь от Тима бартона. Обязательно требуется прослушать весь альбом, но оно того стоит) Прямо даже не знаю, что мне больше нравится - песни или текстовые вставки.

1. "Evelyn Evelyn"

Evelyn, Evelyn,
Why do we bother to stay?
Why are you running away?
Don’t you feel like severing?
Everything’s just come together at last.
It’s broken, I don’t want to play.

We grew up closer than most.
Closer than anything, closer than anything.
Shared our bed and wore the same clothes.
Talked about everything, spoke about so many things.

What shall we wear tonight? What shall we eat today?
Can we go ice skating? But we just did that yesterday.
Should we be firemen? Can we be astronauts?
What if they find us? They’re not looking anyway.

Fill my glass, let’s drink a toast.
This is our birthday, so why are we weeping?
At your side, I feel like a ghost.
I wake up first, and I stare at you sleeping.

What shall we wear tonight? What shall we eat today?
Do you think I should marry him? But we just met
him yesterday.
Should we be movie stars? Will we be millionaires?
I want to be famous. They're watching us anyway.

We grew up so very close.
A parasite needs a host.
I’m only trying to do what is best for us.
Well, I never asked for this, I never wanted this.
All that I want is some time to myself.
Looking in your eyes, I’m coming home.
Just get away from me, please just stop touching me.
You’re always trying to be somebody else.
Now I realize I’m not alone.
Well, you’re only scared of me.
But you never cared for me.
Why don’t you let me free?
‘Cause you’d never dare to be.
‘Cause you never listen, you’re always insisting.
(I’m just/just stop) reminiscing,
I feel something missing.
I just want (you here with me/my privacy),
God (can’t we just get along/won’t you leave me

2. "A Campaign Of Shock And Awe" - очень люблю околоцирковые темы в музыке)

Behold, the eighth wonder of the natural world!
Come one and come all, see the two-headed girl.
Stupendous! Revolting!
You’ll be shocked, you’ll be awed!
A true freak of nature, a blunder of God!
But possessing such talents,
Hear them sing, see them dance.
As seen in the highest class parlors of France.
Just ten bucks a photograph,
Get your seats while they last.
We take Visa and MasterCard, debit or cash.

Isn’t it nice that they’re being so nice to us?
If I’m not mistaken I think they might like us.
Aren’t we lucky to be here?
Stop moving, they’re taking a picture.
Smile for the camera, Evelyn.

Come in, come in, must be cold out there gentlemen.
Take off your coats, and just guess what the wind
blew in.
I know you like twins, have I got a surprise,
They’re identical sisters attached at the side.
Just imagine the fun you could have with these
And they’re so well-behaved, not a single complaint
Just look at these photographs, while I pour you a
I don’t know whether I should charge double or

Ladies and gentlemen, critics and hipsters,
Have you heard the new disc by the Evelyn sisters?
Seamlessly floating with grace between eras and
They sing timeless new songs, rife with double
As featured in Rolling Stone, Spin, The New Yorker
and Pitchfork,
There’s an in-store appearance today at the corner,
Of Bedford and Seventh Ave., some get a
photograph, sticker and autographed shirt.

3. "You Only Want Me 'Cause You Want My Sister" - текст - ыыыы)

You pulled up at the house at half past seven,
In your ‘69 Impala, shook hands with my father.
And we stopped off at the drug store by the drive-in,
For some Trojans and a six-pack,
Still your eyes kept wandering back to her,
It’s always her.
So let’s get one thing straightened out here, sir.

If you think you’re seeing double,
Let me save you some trouble.
This ain’t no two-for-one bargain here, mister.
‘Cause I’m much more than just twice shy,
I’ve had enough two-timing guys,
Who only want me ‘cause they want my sister.

My eyes are just as blue as hers, my hair is just as fine,
And the tattoo on her lower back’s exactly just like mine.
But if you look beneath the surface,
We’re as different as can be,
‘Cause there’s just one heart that beats for you,
And that heart belongs to me,
And not to her, it’s always her,
So let’s get one thing straight if I’m your girl.

And if tomorrow you should die,
My sister would not bat an eye.
She doesn’t even know your name.
She’s going with some other guy.
As long as she is still around,
I’ll always have a trace of doubt.
I need to know your love is real, but how?

We’re all dressed up, the flowers sure are pretty.
Mother pays her last respects.
I look around, no one suspects,
That it was me who put the Drano in her coffee.
And now that she is underground,
I’ll know that you’re not hanging ‘round,
For her, no, not for her.
And now I’ll know your love is true for sure.

It pains my heart to think of her,
A rotting, stinking, maggot-infested,
Bloated, and pus-oozing corpse beneath earth.
You can’t imagine just how much I miss her,
But now I know you want me, not my sister.

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2010-11-03 в 21:38 

вы тут котиками любуйтесь, а я скоро вернусь через пять часов.
мне еще нравится love will tear us apart *_______*

2010-11-03 в 21:45 

A hard-on doesn't count as personal growth
vedmo4kaO.o , угу) Не смотря на то, что это кавер Joy Division, мне эта версия нравится больше оригинала))

2010-11-03 в 23:11 

вы тут котиками любуйтесь, а я скоро вернусь через пять часов.
кстати вот не знала, что это кавер)

2010-11-04 в 13:22 

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen, черт возьми! Amen.

еще в этом году вышло вот это чудо

2010-11-04 в 17:09 

A hard-on doesn't count as personal growth
Anadir , угу. Меня так умиляет это укулеле =)


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