Benedictionary =)

A hard-on doesn't count as personal growth
Не камбербитчиз едиными живет англофандом) На тумблере составляют Бенедикто-словарь)

Beneddicted - Verb. 1. To be completely in love with Benedict. 2. When images, videos, thoughts, and wonderings about Benedict consume one’s existence.

Benedorable - Adj. 1. One of the few proper ways describe how impossibly cute Benedict is. Note: Benedorable level increases with the fewer clothes he wears, the more period-style clothing he wears, and when he wears the Sherlock coat and scarf.

Cumberbitch - A follower of the sexual diety Cumberbatch

Cumberies - Ovaries that have been exploded by Cumberbatchy goodness. Мааать, я валялся

Cumberhands - The hands so perfectly porntastic that anything they appear in should be rated NC - 17...

Cumberneck - The beautiful neck which supports the beautiful head of the Cumberbatch. Therefore it must be revered.

Cumbercoat - Any sextastic coat Benedict wears. In the pockets he keeps the remnants of all the Cumberbitch's Cumberies.

Cumberbatch - Noun. 1. A glorious man. 2. A gratuitous amount of cookies baked for said glorious man.
I would like a cumberbatch of cookies, please =)

От себя могу добавить только пошло-многосмысленный "C`mon, baby, cumberbatch me now!" =)

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2011-01-19 в 13:12 

Frick on a stick // волшебный изюм, декадент и хулиган
so beneddicted and benedorable *_*
ыыааа интересно, как на это ответят freebitches? <3

2011-01-23 в 07:24 

I want people to tell their children terrifying stories about the things we did for love
это эпично)) хотя имя у него такое, мда, позволяет оставлять всякие неологизмы сексуального характера)) с Дэвидом Теннантом, например, такое, по-моему не прокатит. или прокатит? :hmm:

2011-01-24 в 22:02 

A hard-on doesn't count as personal growth
475 , tennatable - то же самое, что fuckable =)


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